4 Date Night Ideas While Staying at Home

Who Else Wants More Fun and Less Stress When at Home?


Ideas Pt. 1

Since we are back at home and not allowed to be going to restaurants or any indoor activities with large crowds I figured that I should come up with a fun activity for Jake and I to do in our house. This weather change the time change makes us feel slowed down and dulled out. However a good date night at home brings the moods up for everyone.

Have Fun at Home Together

I’m trying my best to keep us both as positive and forward thinking so that we both can stay motivated and happy. Now Jake is on the positivity train with me (lol how lame do we sound hahah) and we’re doing our best to keep as positive as we can be, sometimes it is still hard for the both of us. Having an open minded partner is such a huge help in this.

There are for sure silly little things that I still can get flustered with that really don’t make any sense as to why I am getting all roused about them. Maybe the weed helps me “chill out, man.” But you see here, I’m doing my best focusing on myself to change the habits I have so that those things around me don’t bother me. The weed is a way for me to relax my mind a bit a while I work on myself and these habits of mine.

Not a Romantic either?

Now romance is not something that I am very good at. However it is a cute thing to do in a relationship if you are into that sort of thing. This is the first relationship that someone’s been so romantic to me, it was a little overwhelming at first. Since I’m Eastern European and all. We don’t tend to give each other hugs in loving ways or even say,  “I love you” out loud to each other. We do now, because I had to bring this fact up. It’s still kind of strange to say…

Anyway back to this romantic night…I called my friend up to ask her what she thought I should do. I already had some rose petals and a bucket of champagne on my mind. She instantly said “get his favorite food!” Omg Sushi night! Hell yeah!

Perfect Sushi picture of food

1.) Order Your Partner’s Favorite Food (and Drinks, even non-alcoholic)

.This was like a no brainer once I heard it but it didn’t dawn on me before. For sure I had to order his favorite sushi rolls. We’re pretty close with the people at the sushi place and she hooked us up with some Ramune drinks. So Jake could drinks those while I drank my bubbly wine.

2. ) Add Candles to Set the Mood

Of course I added only candlelight to this to make it even sexier. Adding these terpene infused candles from Diskrete Wellness added to the luxury. I’m not a fan of artificial light anyway. You can always find me lurking in the dark corners of the rooms. lol.

It for sure sets the mood right.

3.) Set Up an Activity

I decided that I wanted to do some cute date night activities ask each other questions from Pinterest. I’ll link the questions here. They are conversation starters and they were so much fun to do. 

However you can do any other activities together like building a lego set or a puzzle set.

Honestly, the questions were a fun thing to do and we didn’t need anything for it.

4.) Bath Time (?)

If you’re into it. Not everyone is a fan.

Initially I tried to distract Jake in a different room to lay out the rose petals to the bathtub. I filled the bath tub with our favorite CBD bathtub mix and put flower petals in the water. I was going to make it milky with some milk however our water decided to only run cold.

After I ruined the surprise micro-panicking about why the water wasn’t warm it eventually started getting hot and we were back in business. However I had put the milk back by this time and totally forgot to get it out again. Shoot. Oh well, next time.

This was a fun night and I would totally do it again. If you’re looking for something fun to do take this as a suggestion or expand on it. I’m already thinking I have some more ideas in mind to try out. But I can’t write them here until I do them so Jake doesn’t find out.

Want more fun when stuck at home?
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