What Is CBD And How Helpful Is It When Used Safely?

CBD comes from the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa L

CBD is one cannabinoid out of many that exist in the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa L. It’s growing in popularity because of the many benefits that it has to offer. It’s especially helpful for the relief of stress, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, pain, and inflammation. However, we should remember that even though the United States has legalized selling hemp and CBD, that doesn’t mean every CBD is the same

Where in the plant is CBD found

CBD is one cannabinoid that can be found in all cannabis plants. In other words, CBD can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana plants. Marijuana tends to have lower increments of CBD, thus only CBD derived from hemp is legal for now. (Unless you’re a medical marijuana patient and you can access CBD derived from marijuana). Read more about both types of cannabis here.

Even though CBD can now be found nearly everywhere, not all CBD are the same – as you can now tell. CBD sold in gas stations and convenience stores, should be among the least trusted sources for getting your CBD. There are many marketing ploys out there maximizing on this potential money maker. Do your best to avoid gas stations and convenience stores when trying to access this plant. 

Buying CBD safely

Novelty stores like smoke shops do have some products that hold the right CBD extracts and give proof behind them. But again, not all of the products do. It can be a little overwhelming and make you feel like you are under pressure to purchase. I don’t want you to make a mistake and get some snake oil product out there.

Yes, I said snake oil. The old-time western folklore beliefs have made a rise again. Maybe it wasn’t snake oil, but we don’t know what’s inside of some of these products. I’ve heard a story of a gentleman’s tongue turning completely black after ingesting some CBD. In a panic, he called his doctor and was instructed to take some Benadryl, and thankfully, that calmed it down. Now he has a strange bump formation on the tip of his tongue. We want to avoid these kinds of incidences. 

That being said, a vitamin shop, or purchasing online directly from the manufacturer is your best practice. Even asking for proof of a COA will help, you can read more about COAs here. That way you can determine and really understand what the product has in it and how to best use it. I always like to know my cannabis vendors. Verifying how they grow and treat the cannabis plants, is easy with a COA. I have trusted sources that I get my CBD oil from to make personal tincture infusions you can find here.

How do you take it Safely? 

Safety is not the biggest concern unless you have an addictive personality such as not being able to stop eating the gummies once you start. CBD can be used on your own without any precautions besides the fact that you shouldn’t overconsume it. Best practices are to keep your CBD dose below 50mg per dose. You can take more than 50mg per day, just not per dose. 

Lastly, if you do have a blood-thinning medication that you are prescribed to have a doctor monitor your liver levels. CBD does have the potential of maximizing the strength of these types of medications. This could harm your liver if the CBD doses are at high levels for a long period of time. Nothing too serious to worry about here. Unlike some other prescribed medications that come with a laundry list of potential reactions. 

What does CBD do for you?

CBD has many uses, so it may be best to set a specific goal you would like to achieve. Having a holistic approach and not just total dependence on this plant as a cure all is best. 

CBD derived medicine

CBD is the medicine in conjunction with THC and all the other components of this plant. The setting of ratios is significantly different for each person. Meaning, we all have a unique way of consuming CBD and cannabis, to best improve our health. My How to Use CBD Safely Guide is a great way of finding your own unique sweet spot.

CBD for relaxation

For the most part, people use CBD to treat stress and anxieties and ease into better sleeping habits. In addition, CBD can be an aid for some common ailments including migraines, arthritis, and many others. 

Cannabis in general is a great way to relax! And relaxation is what we all need! If you are in tune with your body and your mental health, sometimes you feel uncomfortable with certain nerve-wracking situations. And each of us have a different reaction to situations, none of us are exactly alike. 

For me, social anxiety is what keeps me back from public speaking. However, cannabis is helping me push past these feelings of discomfort to get where I want to be, a great public speaker. 

Cannabis and sex

Some really touching stories go even deeper. Other people who have had uncomfortable past sexual relations, use cannabis as a way to be vulnerable again, to trust their partners. Read more about ways cannabis can help you open up past uncomfortable feelings here.


When you titrate your dose, meaning you adjust it untill you find your right dose, you will feel best. There are so many ways you can go about it, without any assistance and you can definitely do it on your own. That’s why I put together this How to Use CBD Safely Guide for you to have for free and control your own outcome.

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