Wellness for You

Wellness is: the process of becoming aware of & making choices toward a fulfilling quality of life!

Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. “…a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

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The Seven Dimensions of Wellness
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Environmental
  • Occupational

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After witnessing my friends be succumb to prescription addictions I knew one day I would make a stand for them. Though, I wish I didn’t have to lose this many friends to this addiction battle. Led on this false belief that theirs a War on Drugs (in reality it was all due to racist leaders). When in fact it taught them about drugs and also put marijuana on the same playing field as heroin. What in the actual…ffffff 

If you know someone or are someone suffering from addiction please seek help with a trusted friend or seek professional help from a doctor or locate services near you.

Foreign minority in America: Cannabis Dreams

2009 was similar to 2020 as in it was feeling like a bleak future for us newly career focused millenials. The recession came about and my debt would not stop piling up at the same time. An ex of mine crashed my newly paid off care (mind you,  paid off 2 years earlier!! ugh) 

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On top of my friends 

We’re In this Together

Get Ready For It!

I’ll Also Share Some of My Favorite Recipes

Edibles are fun, however even if I were to rely on the ones I can buy from the dispensary or even on the street than I would go broke! I want to offer you some of my recipes to get you thinking about your own creative ways of infusing your favorite foods.


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