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Smoke Weed, Everyday.

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We’re all students.

That’s why I have no problem sharing with you some of the resources I subscribe to in order to stay up to date with all the new and cutting edge findings on this beautiful herbal plant. I will be updating these periodically.


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One of the most common questions is about dosing. It is not “PLAIN, or SIMPLE”  It’s truly a lot of trial & error. There are methods & techniques you can adopt to better suit you or your family needs.

A good place to start is low and always go slow. Don’t rush. If you want to have a comfortable cannabis experience start with a 10 or 15mg dose in your desired forms and adjust over time.


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A Little Back Story..

So, If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with GUMMY’S! Anything that is squishy, bouncy, soft and chewy. That’s why I got into edible making.

I discovered this passion of mine that allowed me to express my interest and curiousity in candy making. That led me into develping my candy line and then ultimately working for Mindy’s Kitchen Edibles under Cresco Labs. 

After the success with those things, I realized there was a need for formulators in the cannabis space. I took off on my own to help other businesses with their product lines.

Cresco labs edible team

In 2017, I joined the Cresco Labs team and worked my way up to prove my work ethic to be able to join the edibles department. We had a few journalist like Erin who came in to document the journey.


Even the Tribune came by! It was the coolest thing to have some kind of media professional always walking through the doors.

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It wasn’t the easiest task to get into working in the cannabis industry. And even working there was challanging. If you are looking for a job in the cannabis industry, do not fret. Keep trying to get in, use LinkedIn to try to contact each person you can find working there to get in. 

A fellow coworker at Cresco blessed me with the facts that we could go volunteer at cannabis expos and confrences as a means to get into network and learn. In 2018, when I went to Women Grow I was shook at the amazingness that came out of it.

NCIA, national cannabis industry association, margojuana

Later that year towards the end of summertime I journeyed off to San Jose, California to attend the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)

margojuana podcast

The more I became acquainted with cannabis knowledge the more I wanted to share it with you!

We tried to collaborate on a podcast called the M+J Review, though it didn’t actually come to launch, we did get to meet Martha Montemayor who invited us to MJ for MDs. Work obligations prohibited us from actually going. But the conference looked incredible!

margojuana IWC Illinois women in cannabis mixer

We ended 2018 with a big fun canna mixer that Illinois Women in Cannabis hosted!


Then, I figured out Cresco wasn’t aligned with my values anymore so I decided to leave and do my own thing.

2019 was full of letting go of the old, inviting in the unfamiliar new, and lots of interesting investor pitches! haha.


Mostly stuck to local Illinois events such as the Illinois Hemp Grower’s Summit & the Green Market report. 


Then magically an email came to me offering scholarships to the Initiatives Females to the Front conference, so I applied. And I won!!! That was the most LIFE CHANGING conference that I have EVER attended. Great job and kudos to Amy Margolis’! 




females to the front
females to the front
females to the front

Now, if you know me I have been a huge fan of Mara Gordon and her lessons she offers. Before the great shut down of 2020, I happened to see that Mara was going to the Emerald Green Conference and I tagged along. 

There was so much science talk about so many other types of sciences revolving around cannabis. Everything from shelf stability to deteriation of edibles over time.

Mara Gordon and Margojuana

My Everyday Go-To is My Bong.



I usually take a puff or two in the late morning or noon time to relieve me from my racing business mind.


Later on in the afternoon, I tak another puff or two to keep me level headed.


At night, I take an unlimited amount along with an edible so that I go to sleep without having those racing thoughts bouncing around keeping me up past 2am.




A lot of glass sold at smoke shops and gas stations or the likes are actually China glass that is not the healthiest for you to use. When its heated, it has the potential of leaking chemicals into your smoke that could be harmful.

What’s Your Favorite Way to Consume?

There’s so much therapeutic beauty in cannabis overall from growing it, to harvesting it and sharing your bounty with friends new and old

It allows us to showcase the flavors, essences, or rather the terpenes that are distinct to a certain geographical area. 

Weed Food
Margo mixing cannabis into flour for baking food

 As the rest of the world continues to evolve into being open to cannabis wellness we will cross boundries into so many other industries.

Such as fine dining with Herbal Notes, a themed pop up modern day infused cuisine.









If you know someone or are someone suffering from addiction please seek help with a trusted friend or seek professional help from a doctor or locate services near you.


It’s Time to Rewrite Our History

Lately, it seems as if cannabis were to be taking over the economy and the world. Seriously, like how crazy is it to think that what once was illegal is now deemed essential!?!

People are coming out of the cannabis closets, slowly but surely.

Yet, there are still people being incarcerated and serving sentences! What the serious F! 

It’s time to share the truth about the real history of Marijuana, being used as a way of legal racial discrimination. 

Margojuana is here to simplify the science to benefit your wellness journey and share the whole history of cannabis what we know it as of now and from its origin in Asia thousands of years ago.


Cannabis Flower Nug

Affordable Cannabis Hacks

Using Cannabis in Style

Not only is this a medicine and a recreational outlet, its also capable of being made into textiles and built into beautiful homes. I will showcase all the cannabis related modern styles of cannabis related things with a hint of what cannabis real potential could be. It’s an incredible time to be alive to witness the ever growing legalization state by state, allowing numerous artist to be confident and daring enough to come out of the cannabis closet to share their powers.