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Everything You Need to Know About Pinene

The most well known terpenes have two separate hyphenations. Alpha & Beta Pinene’s are some of the most dominant terpenes found when walking through an evergreen forrest. Maybe that’s why it’s described as piney, get it?

Pinene Terpene

Make sure that whenever you store your cannabis, avoid using plastic bags. That’s because the activity of the terpene could penetrate and dissolve the plastic. Can you say…ewwwww cancer!!!

Accordingly, Pinene inhibits enzyme activity in the brain and this inhibit inhibition aids short term memory. That could explain why high pinene cannabis varieties don’t cause the memory issues associated with other high THC varieties.

Pinene Terpene

This terpene is associated with cannabis varieties, such as Kona Gold and Blue Dream. Recently pinene dominant variety such as Pinene Kush, have a period in California. but take this advice with caution. Thats when you have to remember that each geographical area, growing measures, amongst all sorts of other variables can all have an effect on what terpene expressions will come about. 

Expected Terpene Pinene Physical Effects:

  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Bronchodilator (helps open airways)

Psyche Effects:

  • Anti-anxiety.
  • May help combat short-term memory impairment associated with THC


Just like its counterpart, beta-pinene, alpha-pinene is most famous for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Which could also be potentially helpful for diseases like arthritis, Crohn’s, and multiple sclerosis.

As far as other conditions go:f

  • Working in synergy with THC, alpha-pinene acts as a bronchodilator, opening up airways at low exposure levels to help conditions like asthma.
  • Working with CBD and CBN, it has a broad spectrum of antibiotic properties, which work against diseases like MRSA.
  • Alpha-pinene can also counteract unwanted effects of THC, such as anxiety and short-term memory. It works by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain, which helps you retain memories more efficiently.
  • Other benefits include euphoria, increased alertness, reduced oil production in oily skin, and most excitingly, anti-cancer properties. Studies suggest alpha-pinene can stop tumor growth and supplement chemotherapy treatments.

Pinene Rich Strains**:

  • Jack Herer: One of the most prolific sources of alpha-pinene and known for boosting focus, mood, and appetite.
  • Blue Dream: For mellow euphoria and a dash of creative energy. Don’t be fooled by its pungent blueberry aroma; the pinene isn’t as easy to detect, but it’s there in abundance.
  • OG Kush: A hybrid with a distinctive lemon-pine aroma. This strain also includes terpenes like myrcene (relaxing) and limonene (mood-enhancing).

And flowers aren’t the only option. Did you know that you can also consume alpha-pinene through many varieties of essential oils, which can be ingested, absorbed through the skin, or diffused and inhaled as part of aromatherapy.

Note that alpha-pinene’s effects are influenced by other terpenes as well as cannabinoids. Another is OG Kush as a prime example. When its combined with a sedating terpene like myrcene, alpha-pinene may not promote alertness as strongly as usual. It’s always important to consider the entire chemical composition of a strain when looking for specific effects – and the only way to know for sure is through lab-tested products.

Next up, I’ll be covering the terpene myrcene in the next part of this series. Stay tuned!

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