What is cannabis?

How to Find Your Bliss with Cannabis

Cannabis is the latest buzzword we hear on the news, from friends, and on billboards. It’s got some traction, especially during our stay-at-home periods. So much so that it was deemed essential, and was protected to continue to stay open during our shutdowns.

But what is Cannabis, really? Is it Marijuana or Hemp?

Well it’s both.

Cannabis is a family of plants that continue an immense amount of benefits. Yet it’s complex to understand how to tap into those benefits without a bit of understanding of the basic science.

Marijuana & Hemp, are two main talked about types of varieties under the umbrella of cannabis. Hemp is the one that produces fibers or can best extract CBD out of and the other is mostly THC, the stuff that gets you “high”. 

What is cannabis?

Not only does this plant have over a hundred other cannabinoids like THC and CBD, but there are also terpenes that add in a load of benefits that are being overlooked. Read more about terpenes and why they are vital to your wellness success here. 

We’re just now bringing out the facts that the whole plant, including its terpenes, are what determine what your effects will be. They are just as important as the cannabinoid ratios. 

But We Shouldn’t Use the Word Marijuana 

You may or may not know that there is a culture-building up against using the term marijuana. That’s because it’s believed that the word was used against black and brown people in the war on drugs. If you check out past propaganda, there were some purposeful misprints, Marihuana, that could be seen that way. 

Nevertheless, it feels wrong to shame this beautiful plant name when it’s just coming up on the rise for making huge changes in our society’s beliefs. Especially when it could cause more confusion down the line in educating newcomers. Read more about this problem here.

What do you mean to cause confusion? Well, let’s take a short but deep dive into the known history of cannabis.

The History of Cannabis

The true history of cannabis was not cared for so long, and only now is slowly being uncovered and brought to light. The origins are said to be over 2,000 years ago in ancient China and began with ancient civilization eating hemp as a food. You can read more about the name Ma-ren-wa and its uncovered history here. 

Over time the seeds made their ways around the world and were genetically modified over time to become stronger and stronger. Over the course of this history, all sorts of cannabis was used for anesthetics and other pain reducing drugs for a very long time. 

Now I should add that during these massive shifts in our history there were also massive social changes as well. Some particular players in legislation didn’t agree to these decisions and decided to take matters into their own hands the only way they could. Make all drugs illegal, including marijuana.

War on Drugs

What we do know is that there is that the war on drugs was used against black and brown people, not just marijuana. The war on drugs caused marijuana to be the low-hanging fruit of catching “criminals” doing bad things. Except, marijuana was never harmful. We were only led to believe that because the war on drugs lumped all of these things together. 

Now I know that marijuana isn’t the only drug out there that caused these HUGE DETRIMENTAL issues in our society’s history to change like this. There’s also crack cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, and let’s not forget to mention the prescription drugs. However, we also have things such as LSD and Mushrooms that are considered to be abrasive drugs by current society’s beliefs that are coming to light that they can benefit us now. All of these drugs were lumped together and forbidden by society, without much cause to a lot of them. 

What is cannabis?

Cannabis, the new trend or mass confusion?

Some now believe that cannabis is being coined as the new marijuana to avoid this harsh accusation. Others believe that this is a media ploy in whitewashing the term and making it more socially acceptable. To me, whenever I travel, I always ask for some marijuana once my feet hit the pavement. It’s a universal word that helps me get access to it and allows me to connect with my tribe of people, wherever I’m at.

A question that has often come up is how do we tell newcomers and older generations how to approach this plant if they can’t distinguish the two medicines from one another. This could be a serious issue that could arise if an elderly person finds a leftover product from a family member that they believe is cannabis, but not knowing the difference that one has THC (marijuana) over the one that has CBD (hemp).

Read more here if you’re interested in learning about CBD’s benefits to your body.

Cannabis’s purpose is to heal, make personal connections, and offer spirituality. 

Cannabis Healing Properties

We’ve uncovered cannabis to have many healing purposes. In our history, before the unfortunate war on drugs came about, it was provided as a medicine. Many medicinal bottles found from the turn of the 19th century have found cannabis as the main ingredient. It was prescribed for pain, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, amongst others.

Then as the world started to industrialize we took paths away from nature and into formulized medicines and created aspirin. Due to the potential of financial gain from medicines like aspirin and the cannabis plant not being able to be regulated, legislatures wanted weed to be illegal.

There was also underlying racist within these legislatures, namely Anslinger, who didn’t agree to equality for all that was being proposed at these times. He was the main driver behind the war on drugs.

However, cannabis has a long history even prior to these times. Many cultures have cannabis subcultures within them and it offers a community. It gives these communities of users a connection to mother earth and one another. It builds a bridge for people to meet together and opens perspectives. Cannabis especially helps in sparking and exploring your creativity in arts and music. 

You ever think I wish I could write that book, but feel a roadblock in your own mind? Cannabis helps push down the block so that you can get to do it.

Cannabis Introspectiveness

It also allows us to look deeply into ourselves. To see past the facade that society places on us to believe as truth. It gives us space and patience to deal with one’s emotions and past traumas. The perspectives that we have grown up to believe to be true can be changed and motivated to see other perspectives when using this plant. Especially giving us introspective insights and calming reflections. 

Spirituality + Cannabis

Some religions even use cannabis in their practice. Though, you don’t need to be a part of a religious group in order to receive the spiritual guidance this plant has to offer. THC was coined as the spiritual molecule at one point because it can bring on bliss, peaceful feeling if used properly. 

Cannabis PreCaution

First and foremost, you have to check your state’s laws to make sure it’s legal in your state. You don’t want to get in trouble. Unfortunately, our nation’s laws have not changed the scheduling of this drug making it still federally illegal. It’s amazing to see the power of the people being the ones protecting this plant at this point in time. 

Certain states allow for only hemp products like CBD to be sold and consumed. Other states may allow medical marijuana only, not recreational. A number of states have fully legalized completely for everyone to use this plant at their own discretion. But that doesn’t mean you can go buck wild, remember it’s still federally illegal. 

What can Cannabis do for you? 

There’s a number of ways that you can tap into cannabis’ potential. You have the power and the control to forge your own path of ways you want to explore this plant and yourself. 

Full Spectrum CBD is always the first route I recommend as it is the most comfortable approach for many. You can see my personal CBD formulated infusion of Sweet Spot CBD here.  If you have a potential drug test, you will want to avoid full-spectrum and use broad-spectrum or isolate, only. This is not the type of CBD products I recommend using but can be used if you have no other choices. You can use this How to Use CBD Safely Guide to assist you in titrating your dose to find the optimum sweet spot for you. 

Then if you’re still not feeling your optimum best, you should start increasing your THC ratios to titrate your dose. You can do it the same way I teach you in the guide on how to use CBD safely, except add THC the same way you add more CBD. I will also be coming out with a book to help with this very soon. If you’re interested in that book sign up here to be notified when that comes out. 

Finding Your Optimum Self

Over time you will notice where you feel the best. If you take too much of the CBD or THC and don’t feel good anymore, you know that you missed your sweet spot and you have to bring the dose back down again. Cannabis is teaching us to be moderate in our consumption. You can’t take too much! If you ever take A LOT the worst that will happen is that you’re going to have a good sleep. There’s nothing wrong with a nap. 

What is cannabis?

Plant Medicine + Trusted Guidance

Obviously, if you are using this plant as a medicine, always consult a doctor or a nurse. If you need a cannabis nurse or doctor, do a google search to see if you can find one local to you. They don’t take insurance yet so you will have to pay out of pocket. 

Other than that, it would be great if you could muster up the courage to ask your doctor about the medicine and bridge the gap. You could potentially get your doctor to open up their minds on the plant’s medicine again. Most doctors are aware and yes there are still some that are against it or have a medical group that doesn’t allow them to sign off on it.

Personal Story

This happened to me. The day I was going to ask my doctor was sort of a blessing, but oh boy was I shaking in my boots. The doctor I was approaching was my regular doctor and the blessing was she had just informed me that she was going to retire from practice. She was part of a large medical group that I had heard was not accepting of cannabis medicine. I figured what did I have to lose, so I just asked her. She said she had only signed off for a cancer patient before but because nothing seemed to work to calm my anxieties, she was open to explore it. Success!!!!!

You can do it too. 

I’m not gonna hide anything from you here, but cannabis gave me that courage to do that. Though, ANYONE can do that, even without cannabis.

Cannabis Doctors Fees

Now, I did this because I wanted to avoid paying a $160 fee on top of paying hundreds of dollars for my medical card with the state. But I also opened up my doctor’s mind into exploring the science behind this magical plant. Now my new doctor is a lot younger and she asks me for facts on the plant. It’s really unfortunate that medical schools don’t offer this endocannabinoid education yet, they are putting a hindrance on their patients’ success.

I come from the school of thought that cannabis was once a part of our world’s system and we’ve just jacked it all up. We’ve taken this naturally wild-growing weed plant out of ecology and it shows. If we had continued to use this plant we could have curbed these stressors and anxieties that develop into tension and inflammation and ultimately serious conditions and diseases. By using cannabis as a daily vitamin, I’m ruling on the side that it could hinder or completely remove any type of potential health decline in the years to come.

What do I mean we took it out of our ecosystem? 

Well because of the war on drugs these wild plants were completely wiped out. Meaning our wildlife wasn’t able to access it, such as cows and chickens or any other type of animal. Those animals would absorb the cannabinoids in these plants and distribute them to us naturally from the foods we would consume from them. And for the vegans out there, this plant shares its roots and soil with other plants and they absorb from one another. We’re missing vital parts of our health by not consuming this plant.

Ok I’m Open to Try it, but I don’t want to get high!

It’s ok, not everyone has to. There are safe ways of approaching this plant and not getting high. I’m a huge proponent of taking full-spectrum CBD products daily. Read more about why here. Full-spectrum, meaning they have all the cannabinoids including the legal amount of THC 0.03% (even though I think that is too low of an arbitrary number legislatures chose, but more on that later)

However, this is only safe if you don’t have a potential drug test because THC can build up in your fat cells over time. 

If you need help on best practice approaches and my strategy on choosing and using CBD safely, you can find my How to Use CBD guide here.

Marijuana the more THC dominant plant is used in combination with CBD as a medicine. But can also be used recreationally. I’m thinking that as karma for our society makes cannabis illegal and for all its pain it’s caused so many people, we are going to have a difficult time in disclosing which part or use of the plant is deemed medical. Underlying it technically has a part of medical benefits for us all. However, we also can benefit from its recreational use. Because it’s so much safer than alcohol or even food! 

Cannabis as a Vitamin

By using this plant as a vitamin you are avoiding a potential flair-up of tension that could lead to more serious situations. It promotes your wellness and can be a great additive to your self-care routine. It calms us down, which is something that everyone can use, especially in the states. Because that in turn will bring us peace and ultimate comfort in our days.

I hope you have a fun time using your cannabis products, safely. If it’s your first time, always have some sort of consumption-friendly pal that can help make you feel comfortable, because it can be an overwhelming feeling. Some folks don’t feel like it is, but you don’t know how your body reacts to it until you give it a whirl. Always know that it won’t last forever, just give yourself some time and space to be able to feel everything this plant has to offer you.

Stay blessed and less stressed.

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Margo Vesely is the Founder and CEO of Margojuana, where she's dedicated her career to inspiring humanity to understand the blessings in cannabis. Margo is a passionate cannabis advocate, researcher, explorer, and entrepreneur with almost two decades of cannabis and legal experience, both in the public and private sectors. She also volunteers as the executive director of the nonprofit IL NORML (National Organization of Reform Marijuana Laws). Margo strives to use her platforms to share her vision of the future of cannabis, by encouraging continued research for data-driven science, biology, and advocates for laws concerning cannabis. She is passionate about helping the community grow and succeed in this new industry, as well as promoting opportunities within it. Cannabis research fascinates and thus prompted her to develop the new podcast called the PhytoEndo Connection; an educational cannabis platform showcasing the whole plant’s potential benefits in conjunction with our individually unique endocannabinoid systems. Margo encourages continued research for data-driven science, biology, and advocates for laws concerning cannabis. She is passionate about helping the community grow and succeed in this new industry, as well as promoting opportunities in it.