Terpenes & Anxiety

What can Cannabis do for your Stress & Anxiety?

Did you know that anxiety and stress are among the leading reasons why people are attracted to cannabis? Did you also know that cannabis is one of many healthy solutions to it? This is right behind the leading issue – pain.  

Common anxiety symptoms most of us experience include worry, rumination, fear, apprehension, and tension.

Anxiety & Cannabis

Anxiety can also be a signal of other psychiatric conditions including bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia. Some of these conditions do require treatments and medications, sometimes even for longer periods of time. Always consult your doctors before using any type of cannabis products.

The density of the CB1 cannabinoid receptors found in the brains amygdala, hippocampus, and anterior circulate cortex – brain structures associated with anxiety – supports the idea that the Endocannabinoid System regulates anxiety.

It’s believed that the ECS* becomes activated in anxiety disorders. What does that mean? 

anxiety stress and cannabis

What’s an ECS?

*ECS-Endocannabinoid System, the system that connects all your other systems to your psyche. It modulates your nervous system along with your immune, digestive, reproductive, respiratory, nervous, muscular… you get the point.

We all have a unique ECS* There is a bit of trial & error til you find your perfect pairing. However the journey of testing & trialing is fun & safe! 

It means that if your ECS is off-balance, things start to go whacky in your body and inflammations start leading you down a path to serious conditions that are harder to reverse once they set in. That’s what you want to take cannabis as a preventative instead of solution to your condition.

Best Way to Take Cannabis for Anxiety & Stress

Taking cannabis as a vitamin is your best way of keeping all your systems in a healthy check to keep you living your best life…for a looooong time. 

Limonene Terpene (common terpene found in cannabis) is known to reduce anxiety & increases levels of both dopamine and serotonin. There’s also Linalool, another terpene found in many cannabis cultivars is an established anti-depressant and calming agent. These terpenes are basically nature’s essential oils because they are found in everyday items. Limonene comes from citrus fruits and linalool comes from lavender scents.

Use these terpene scents in combination with your pairings to boost the effects. Even though a bit of THC is beneficial to your use, adding too much could have adverse effects. Be cautious. 

How Much do I Take?

Using up to 50 mg per dose of CBD to treat these symptoms of anxiety is your safest bet. What that means is that you start off your CBD dose at the 10mg per dose. You can opt to take one single dose a day, in the morning or in the afternoon/evening. Or you can give yourself a CBD dose throughout the day. It all depends on how you want to use it. 

10mg of CBD per dose is recommended to start and to monitor the effects of how you feel for the 2-3 weeks you take that dose. If after that time frame you still feel like you are not at your optimal self, than you should increase your dose by 5-10mg. Meaning that whatever way you dose yourself, weather its once a day or 3x a day, you will now be at 15-20mg per dose.

anxiety stress and cannabis

Be Patient with Yourself & This Plant Medicine

After another 2-3 weeks you can see if that is the right dose or if you need to increase it to another 5-10mg where you would be at 20-25mg per dose. You do this for however long it takes you to reach up to 50mg per dose. This is how you try and see where your unique sweet spot is, that place where you find your homeostasis. 

There are different ratios that you can use that boost the overall effects of all the chemicals of the cannabis plant that include low doses of THC that you can check out here.

Is it Safe to take Cannabis for Anxiety?

Even though Cannabis has been used to treat the symptoms of anxiety for thousands of years, caution is advised, as there is considerable evidence that large doses of cannabis (marijuana) can trigger anxiety and even paranoia in susceptible individuals. So use cannabis with caution and start by using low doses and SLOWLY increasing your dose to find you optimal range for your sweet spot. 

Cannabis should be used as the vehicle to help guide us to complete the steps that are necessary to combat that anxiety. Such as exercising which could be some thing like a walk around your neighborhood or doing a 10min exercise from Youtube. Other things like being able to do a hobby like paint or share your thoughts through your journal to get them out of your head. These are all effective treatments that therapist will also suggest to you.

anxiety stress and cannabis

Stress & Anxiety and Cannabis

Dealing with trauma, depression and anxiety starts with you. Any type of medication is there to help you heal to be able to get the courage to do the work that needs to be done. You should not depend on any type of substance for long term. There are beliefs that certain types of people will be more likely to depend on cannabis long term. However, the beautiful comparison of using prescription drugs long term versus using cannabis long term is that cannabis will not harm you, cause you to need any other additional medication as a side effect, and will not change your beauty makeup. (meaning it won’t age you)

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