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I’m Margo.

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Never have I ever stopped talking about weed since I was introduced to smoking it almost two decades ago.

Along with most of the society, I bought into the propaganda and thought it was such a terrible thing to do even though it brought me so much …peace.


For me, marijuana is a spiritual connection to Mother Earth and Mary Mother of God. It’s something that I enjoy sharing with friends – new and old – and in solitude. It brings out the love within me and gives me the understanding of unity. 

I came here to share my experience of what I have learned since breaking through the medical marijuana “industry” in Illinois back in 2017. Because this is only the beginning and there is something you could gain from my experiences, and there is still so much to discover and learn together. 

Cannabis has a long history within our world. It has been praised as good medicine, shunned and ridiculed due to racist players in government, and as of 2020 it’s now seen as essential to life. 

Did you ever think weed would go from being illegal to legal? I dreamt of this day but honestly really doubted the reality of this new reality.   

Throughout each blog posts, you’ll walk through a wellness journey that took me around the world that blossomed bueatiful relationships out of weed. You’ll be offered ideas on self empowering mindset development, simple life hacks to improve your quality of life on your own, as well as tips on being an entreprenuer in this new landscapes.

There are some stories on traumatic events, however do not be sad or afraid. Welcome them to understand that life is different for everyone, good and bad. It really depends on the way you look at things and how they effect you in the long run.

By no means am I an expert so please don’t take any of this as medical advice. I will share any resources that I find to help guide you along your own journey. Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to connect you to the right resource.  

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My Mission

“to inspire humanity to understand the blessings in cannabis.” 

It’s a Lifestyle

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