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“I’m sharing this with you in the hopes that today, as you take the next step in your life, you can learn the lessons that I only learned in death…Lessons about hope, strength, and the light within us that will not be extinguished.” – Sheryl Sandburg, UC Berkley 2016

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Weed, pot, ganja, cannabis whatever we’re talking about whether it’s hemp or marijuana, both are great options to use to get a start on your medicinal journey to a better lifestyle.  Using Cannabis as a means to self treat yourself so that you can best keep calm in uncertain situations like 2020 is one of the healthiest choices you can make.

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With Federal legalization around the corner it’s only expected that pharmaceutical drug dependency will lower due to the many benefits that plant medicinals have with our body’s endocannabinoids systems. 

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In the blog updates you find below, you will read about my personal journey with using cannabis as a way to self treat my anxiety and sleep issues. There, I will also offer suggestions on ways you can also use medicanal therapy as a healthier alternative to prescription drugs. 

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